Creating Event Handler Signatures

In Visual Studio 2008 you’ve lost the abillity to click on the drop down in the code behind and see all the event signatures that are available but haven’t handled yet. To get the signature you are after without using the properites in the desinger you can type…


As you hit the . all methods and events should appear, pick the event you after e.g. Load

Then add type += after the event name and press TAB TAB, the event is automatically generated. ASP.Net auto wires the events with the correct name and signature so you should be able to delete the line of code that binds the event.

Check out this article for more info.

Differences between SCOPE_IDENTITY and @@IDENTITY

@@IDENTITY will return the last id that was created using your connection, therefore if your insert kicks off a trigger you could get the wrong id.

But SCOPE_INDENTITY() will return the last identity created