WWDC2012 – How Did My Predictions Score

Before I went to WWDC I came up with the following wish list of improvements/features that were hopefully going to be announced this year…

  1. Ability to run apps on the Apple TV and use your iOS device as a controller, including multiple devices at the same time
  2. Open up Siri to 3rd party apps, although how they work out which app gets to answer the question could be interesting
  3. NFC, this could open up some interesting projects
  4. Allow companies to create internal documentation using iBooks and give them a secure way of distributing those documents to staff
  5. Increase the number of testing devices that can be used
  6. Improved battery life on the iPhone
  7. 4G iPhone, but at the moment I’m not fussed either way, being based in the UK
  8. A nicer gift, like a limited edition iPad (I can dream)
  9. Move away from Google Maps
  10. Ability to use maps offline

So how did I do…

  1. Apps Running on Apple TV, turns out you can already do this, but its by using the Second Screen feature that is in iOS. I just need to think differently – YES (sort of)
  2. Siri to 3rd party apps – YES (I think I remember that from the Keynote?)
  3. NFC – NO
  4. Internal iBook Documents – NO
  5. Increase the number of testing devices – NO
  6. Improved Battery Life – NO
  7. 4G Phone – NO
  8. Nicer gift – NO, I now have a black jacket with a number 12 on it to go with the one that has a number 10 on it
  9. Move away from Google Maps – YES
  10. Offline maps – NO

So thats a grand total of 3/10 and one of those I could of already of done!

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