Freelancing – Work Sources

Now that I’ve started thinking more about my life as a freelancer I’ve been looking at where my work comes from and what sort of skills I’m being asked to use. The following is a simple breakdown of that data from Jul 09 to Dec 12. But first a brief bit of history…

I’ve been “properly” iOS freelancing since Jul 09, I started by writing my own apps and supporting this by working for existing customers. Like most app developers I didn’t really earn any money from these. Which prompted me to find iOS work via an Agency in Feb-10, like I say things were desperate and I had bills to pay. That contract ended in Dec 10, I then went back to freelancing but finding work on my own, not via agencies. This has been a really hard process and I’ve had some really good months and a fair few awful ones, especially late 2011 where I didn’t earn anything at all.

My client base has grown and I’m getting regular “quote for this app” sort of requests, sometimes these have come to nothing. In those cases I always make sure I leave with the parting comment that I’m here if they need me and a couple of times they have.  Recently most of my work has since come from either my website, LinkedIn or people recommending me. Just hope the trend carries on!

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