If you are using the PrintPreviewControl and what the page displayed to be refreshed with a new document, you must call the PrintPreviewControl.InvalidatePreview method. In 1.1 this did it automatically everytime a document was set, but now you have to do it manually, thats progress for you!

StatementPrintPreviewControl.Document = aDocument

PrintDocument, PrintPreviewDialog and Multiple Pages

If you are generating multiple pages in a document you set the e.HasMorePages to true, normally this is done by checking how many pages you have to print, e.g.

_CurrentPageNumber += 1
e.HasMorePages = _CurrentPageNumber 

If the user then decides to Print the pages they are likely to only see the first page because the _CurrentPageNumber has not been reset to zero, as the Print command actually regenerates the pages by firing your code again not using what it has already created.

The tip here is to reset the controlling counter in the BeginPrint event